Super Check Partial Database Files for Amateur Radio Contesting

About SCP

There are contesters out there who can remember every call they have ever worked. For the rest of us, it is all we can do to remember who we worked in the contest just hours before!

The Super Check Partial database files provide a list of callsigns used by active contesters. The data comes from Cabrillo logs contributed by contesters themselves. Contributed logs from the past 24 months are used to create the database. These logs are combined and filtered so that they result in a fairly good (but not perfect) list. The files do not contain any QSO data, such as state, CQ zone, Maidenhead Grid Locator, etc.

Super Check Partial is a feature that K1EA first introduced in his CT logging software. However, it is now supported by all the major contest logging programs. It enables the use of the database to extend the list of calls that appear in the check partial call window. Used correctly, it can help you more quickly pull a call out of the QRM. Used incorrectly, e.g. to guess calls, it can result in stupid mistakes and significant score reductions. Caveat emptor!

The files provided are a set of super check partial databases created using tools developed by Jim, AD1C and Ken, K1EA. The dta files can be used with CT, WriteLog, TRlog, SD, and others. The scp versions of the files are for use with Win-Test and N1MM+.

Note: If your callsign does not appear in the latest version of the database and you would like to add it, please send me an email at I will add the callsign in the next release. However, remember that this is a database of active contesters. The best way to keep your callsign in the database is to make contest QSOs!

How to Download

Download the zip file to get all of the files, or click on each to download them individually. (Depending on your browser, you may have to right click on the link and select Save Target As...)

Master Files (July 2, 2024)

Below are files for the main Super Check Partial database. These files are generated from all contest logs donated by the contesting community regardless of mode.

File Name Description Calls Size All master files below contained in one zip file.   1,840 Kb


File with all calls.
Use this for international contests where anyone can work anyone.
50,758 1,338 Kb
masterdx.dta File with DX calls (outside W/VE)
Use this for DX contests such as the ARRL DX Contest (from W/VE side).
32,385 916 Kb
masusve.dta File with only W/VE calls.
Use this when working from the DX side of the ARRL DX Contest or for W/VE domestic contests.
19,812 470 Kb
masterss.dta File with only W, VE and US Territory calls.
Use this when working the ARRL November Sweepstakes Contest.
20,088 476 Kb
master.scp File with all calls.
For use with Win-Test and N1MM+. It contains all calls in an ASCII format.
50,758 357 Kb
masterdx.scp File with DX calls (outside W/VE)
For use with Win-Test and N1MM+. Calls are in ASCII format.
32,385 233 Kb
masusve.scp File with only W/VE calls.
For use with Win-Test and N1MM+. Calls are in ASCII format.
19,812 134 Kb
masterss.scp File with only W, VE and US Territory calls.
For use with Win-Test and N1MM+. Calls are in ASCII format.
20,088 136 Kb

The main database set of files was created out of 43,843,185 QSOs from 159,710 logs. The full data set contained 476,413 unique calls which were filtered to create the master files.

A version number has been included in all files in the format VERyyyymmdd.

Log Submission Instructions

The more logs that are contributed, the better the database. Follow the instructions below to have your logs included:

  • Send Cabrillo files only!
  • File name must be call.log (exactly the same way you submit it to the contest sponsor!)
  • Files should be as attachments to an email. PLEASE DO NOT put them in a zip file!!!
  • Logs from any contest are accepted. Some of the more commonly donated logs come from:
CQ WW DX - CW, Phone, RTTY
CQ WPX - CW, Phone, RTTY
CQ 160M - CW, Phone
ARRL DX - CW, Phone
ARRL Sweepstakes - CW, Phone
IARU Radiosport
Russian DX Contest
Worked All Europe - CW, Phone, RTTY
  • Only logs from the past 2 years are needed (to keep the data "fresh"). That means you only should submit logs from 2022 and later.
  • Submit files at any time.  Send them in at the same time you submit to the contest sponsor!
  • Send to

All files submitted become the property of W9KKN and will be used for the purpose of creating the master call files.

If you would like to have your call blocked from appearing in the SCP files, please send an email to as well.  Some people have chosen to do this because they don't want others to use assistance in copying their callsign.

New versions of the master files are released MONTHLY - usually on the 2nd or 3rd day of each month. Request for call additions/deletions received by NOON Pacific Time (PST or PDT depending on daylight saving) on the FIRST OF EACH MONTH will be included in that month's release. You can view the release history here.

If you find busted calls in the master files, or you want to have your call excluded from the master files, please send an email to